Confessions of the Grateful Farmer

I've recently learned that you can fall madly in love with your land. 

I am 37 and 3/4's years old 

When I find a song I really love and I will play it on repeat for awhile.

I am learning how to operate all the tractors on the farm but have a ways to go.

Cooking dinner and laughing with my friends all evening is my favorite thing to do on the whole planet.

I work off the farm part time as a Psychiatric Mental health nurse practitioner sharing hope with the hopeless at the county jail.

I naturally wake up around 5am

I love picnicking and will find any excuse to enjoy olives, soft cheese and pinot noir

I run wildly hopeful and I believe this makes me a better farmer.

I adore poetry

I miss not having a dog and have shed some tears this fall because I want one so badly.

I currently live in a camper trailer with fickle heating.

Peaches are my favorite

Waiting for my little farm cabin to be built on the orchard has just about killed me.

Kneading bread or pie dough is incredibly cathartic and pleasurable to me.

Babette's feast is favorite movie

I hope to meet someone absolutely amazing and marry him on the farm one day.

I never miss an opportunity to spontaneously dance.

I love a good redemptive story and never tire of hearing one.

I want to learn how to make fantastic single varietal heirloom apple cider in the near future.

Most evenings I try to walk the parameter of the orchard and pray a blessing over my trees.

Every day I wake up and say, "thank you," because I believe taking over my families orchard is a rare and beautiful gift and I truly am a grateful farmer.


 If the heavens do not declare the glory of God, than I do not know what does.

If the heavens do not declare the glory of God, than I do not know what does.