Farming Stories

One of my favorite childhood memories was listening to my parents read to us farming stories like Baby farm animals, Johnny apple seed, Charlottes web, Anne of green gables, Farmer boy and Little house in the big woods. I am so grateful to my kind parents for reading to me as a child.  I have always been a big fan of learning about people lives growing up on a farm and my thirst for these stories has only grown stronger this past year since I bought the farm.  Today I wanted to share some of my favorite books that I have read about farming with you all. Some of these books I listened to on Audible while I was driving a tractor in low gear around the orchard.

Wendell Berry is my Hero and everything he has written has felt like a life compass to me.


I have a crush on Michael Pollen.  He is brilliant and has a dead sexy voice.  The End

Joel is one of my favorite farmers on the planet!

This book really encouraged me that family farms can be passed from generation to generation successfully.

Isak Dinesen is such a great writer and she had a coffee farm in Africa.  I adore how she loved the people who worked her coffee farm.

Oh Wendell, I want to be you when I grow up!

Michael's book was so candid and it made me really want to have a baby like yesterday!

I love how Kurt incorporates his farm into farm to table dinners and has a farm that gathers

Everything that Barbara writes feels like HOME to me.

Alice Waters is my sHERO and I love everything she has pioneered and believes in.

I was very inspired by all the stellar female farmers in the good ol USA

Novella is a total urban badass farmer.  She had a pig in her back yard in Oakland. A PIG!!!

Oh Michael, you sexy beast you hit a grand slam with this book!  Keep em coming

What are some of your favorite farming books, friends?  These books have been so grounding, normalizing and inspiring to me in my first year of farming. I have cried big fat tears along with these authors as they bravely shared their losses and I laughed out loud when they shared funny mishaps and farming wins.  I really want to encourage you all to take the time to read one of these books and learn more about how your food is grown.  All this is vital to the sustainability of farming, growing food and carrying on life on this planet.  I am so grateful to these farmers, authors, pioneers for taking the time to write our these important stories. xoxo your grateful farmer


PS I love book recommendations if you have one that I would love please share it forward with me.